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Maintain your guitar's natural voice while boosting your signal with the Forza Overdrive Pedal from Seymour Duncan. This high-gain boost pedal is full frequency with up to 37 dB of transparent gain. The onboard Level, Drive, and 3-band EQ allow you to further dial in the perfect settings, from a subtle boost to maximum overdrive, while maintaining your instruments tone.
  • Level: This control dials in the amount of output so you can level-match your dirty and clean sounds, dial in a solo boost or deliver more drive to your amp
  • Drive: This control dials in a gain boost of 11 to 37 dB for everything from subtle coloring to more intense overdrive
  • Bass: This control dials in the amount of low end, centered on 90 Hz with +/-11 dB boost or cut
  • Mid: This control lets you dial in the amount of midrange, centered on 750 Hz with a boost or cut of 11 dB
  • Treble: Dials in the amount of high end with a 2.1 kHz center frequency and +/-12 dB of boost or cut
  • Status LED: Indicates when the Forza is active. LED is on when the unit is engaged, off when in true bypass mode
  • True Bypass Footswitch: Activates the pedal. When the pedal is off, the circuit from your guitar’s signal runs via a hardwired connection from the input jack to the output jack for true bypass operation

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