T-REX Shafter Wah 10087



With an extremely wide frequency sweep and three selectable wah voicings, the T-Rex Shafter Wah is a flexible wah effects pedal. Tweak the Boost and Slope knobs to fine-tune the character of the wah sound. Use it for smooth, warm sweeps or for growling, throaty wah tone. T-Rex employs custom-made coils and inductors in the Shafter Wah, giving it a sound all its own. You can use the Hot Spot switch to shape the response of the sweep. And guitarists dig the fact that the potentiometer-free design reduces noise and eliminates mechanical wear and tear. Regardless of how you employ wah effects in your playing, you'll be well served with the T-Rex Shafter Wah on your pedalboard.
  • Wah effects pedal for electric guitar
  • Wide frequency sweep covers a massive sonic range
  • 3-way character switch gives you access to 3 distinct wah voicings
  • Hot Spot switch tailors the sweep response for classic or "heel to toe" sweeps
  • No potentiometers, for reduced noise and minimal mechanical wear
  • Boost and Slope knobs give you precision control over your wah sound
  • Requires 9-volt power supply (sold separately)

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