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The Fullerton Deluxe Doheny® bundles some of the most time-honored option combinations from the G&L Option Order menu.
The Doheny takes the bolt-on offset-body into new sonic territory with newly developed Magnetic Field Design™ jazz pickups, the first on any production G&L. Naturally, these new pickups will invite comparison to Leo’s jumbo MFD™ ASAT® Special pickups, given they employ a narrow bobbin aperture and broad coil splay. But Doheny’s MFD pickups are more about jangle than twang, just as they should be for a guitar like this. With a classic jazz bobbin aperture wrapped with traditional Formvar wire, these pickups just might be the approach Leo would have taken had he been with us a few years longer.

The Fullerton Deluxe Doheny features a Leo Fender-designed Dual-Fulcrum vibrato, a work of engineering art which allows bending up or down with unsurpassed stability, while offering a silky feel through its beefy aluminum vibrato arm.

The Fullerton Deluxe Doheny is available in the following finishes:

  • Surf Green, 3-Tone Sunburst and Lake Placid Blue over Alder, Caribbean rosewood fingerboard, Vintage Tint Satin neck finish
  • Blonde over Swamp Ash, Caribbean rosewood fingerboard, Vintage Tint Satin neck finish

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