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Like the original G&L Skyhawk of 1984, it starts with George Fullerton’s evolved double-cutaway with a hint of offset, a slim waist and generous curves.  This very comfortable body is complemented by his arched pickguard shape, his most most pleasing iteration of the form.

The elegant pickguard meets a beautiful control plate in chrome, a perfect backdrop for the exquisitely machined and chrome plated knobs for volume, treble and bass. The Skyhawk features a Leo Fender-designed Dual-Fulcrum vibrato, a work of engineering art which allows bending up or down with unsurpassed stability, while offering a silky feel through its beefy aluminum vibrato arm.

You’ll find plenty of punch in the MFD pickups, but what’s surprising is how glassy and detailed they become as you roll back the volume and bass controls, the latter a part of the Skyhawk’s PTB™ (Passive Treble and Bass) system which functions on all three pickups. What’s more, the Skyhawk includes a mini-toggle switch to allow neck+bridge or all three pickups together. In a pinch, the neck+bridge combo does a convincing faux ASAT™ Special. Talk about versatile!

The Fullerton Deluxe Skyhawk is available in the following finishes:

  • 3 Tone Sunburst over Alder, Tortoise pickguard, Caribbean Rosewood fingerboard
  • Clear Orange over Swamp Ash, 3-ply parchment pickguard, Maple fingerboard
  • Cherryburst over Swamp Ash, Pearl pickguard, Maple fingerboard
  • Lake Placid Blue over Alder, Tortoise pickguard, Maple fingerboard

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