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The Laney AH210 powered PA system is small, lightweight and powerful so you can quickly and easily get everything set up for your next gig

Laney Build Quality

Laney PA systems are known for being built extremely well and these ones are no different. With extremely strong external casings and metal grills covering the speakers these can take a fair amount of damage while on the road or as part of an installation at a venue.

Built In Media Player

One of the best parts of this system is that it has a built in high quality media player. Just load your tracks onto an SD card or USB stick and plug it in to the mixer or you can even stream the media to system via bluetooth off of your smart device. This gets rid of pesky cables taking space up around your mixer and frees up channels for other gear.

Laney Sound Quality

If you know Laney speakers you know that they offer amazing value for money. With a strong 10" loudspeaker and 1" compression driver in this particular model you can really push the 200w built in power amplifier in each speaker with a crisp sound that stays clear across the entire frequency range no matter how much you turn it up.

In The Box

With this set up you get more than just a set of speakers. This set up comes a pair of 1x10" speakers as well as a 6 channel mixer, speaker leads, XLR cable and microphone all in one box so you can get set up and perform straight out the box.

Laney AH210 Features:

• Dual Compact Speaker Enclosures
• Detachable Mixer
• Microphone and Leads Included
• 200W + 200W
• 10" Loudspeakers + 1" Compression Drivers
• British Design & Engineering
• Media Player - SD card, USB memory stick & Bluetooth
• 6 Channels: XLR Mic inputs, RCA inputs, Jack Line inputs & Mini-jack input
• Bass & Treble EQ & Echo on each mic channel
• XLR & Jack Outputs
• Phantom Power
• High Quality Sound Reproduction
• Easy access carry handles
• Lightweight moulding
• 35mm Tripod Mount
• Integrated Storage Compartment

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