Seymour Duncan Killing Floor High Gain Boost Guitar Pedal Item ID: 11900-011

Seymour Duncan


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Intended for use with electric guitars, the Killing Floor from Seymour Duncan is a high-gain boost pedal that can also give you a bluesy, overdriven sound. It can be used to add some extra level to guitar solos, to push an amplifier further into a state of overdrive, or—if you leave it constantly engaged—to lend a finalized touch to augment your timbre. The pedal features a single knob which allows you to dial in between 0 and 34 dB of gain. A lower value will, of course, result in a cleaner boost. Further control over your tone is provided by the Voicing switch, which can be left in the middle position for a flat tone. In the up position, however, the switch boosts your high end, and in the down position, it cuts some treble from your signal to smooth out overly bright tones. A true bypass switch allows you to bypass the pedal's circuitry altogether when it is not engaged.
  • High Gain Boost
  • Provides Bluesy Overdrive
  • Useful for Guitar Solos & Driving Amps
  • Single Gain Knob with 0 to 34 dB Range
  • High Boost, Flat & High-Cut Switch
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA

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