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The Vapor Trail Analog Delay from Seymour Duncan is a compact, true-analog guitar effects pedal capable of delivering an authentic, vintage-sounding delay with extra warmth. The pedal utilizes Bucket-Brigade chips to provide fullness and depth, but with immense clarity to prevent the tone from getting lost in the mix. The pedal offers responsive modulation controls (Rate and Depth) to add shimmer and movement to your delay tone. A TRS Wet insert jack allows you to send and return the signal through additional effects such as a chorus or flanger. This jack may also be used to output the wet-only signal for parallel effects loops or multi-amp setups. Additionally, a standard volume pedal may be connected to provide hands-free dry/wet control. The delay knob is translucent and features a blue LED that flashes based on the delay time to provide visual feedback on a dark stage.
  • Type of Circuitry: Analog Bucket Brigade Devices (BBDs) supported by modern low-noise analog electronics. No microprocessors or digital signal processors.
  • Bypass: True bypass
  • Delay Range: 15ms to 600ms. Actual delay time indicated by flash rate of illuminated delay time knob.
  • Dry Gain: 1dB fixed
  • Wet Gain: Adjustable from muted to +3dB. At the highest blend settings, the first echo is actually louder than the dry signal.
  • Repeat Control Range: One repeat to runaway repeats
  • Modulation Rate Range: 0.2Hz to 4 Hz
  • Modulation Depth Range: Zero to “over the top”
  • Auxiliary Functions: Wet channel insert loop, allows external effects to be applied to only the wet signal. Also serves as a wet-only output for wet/dry stereo or studio use.
  • Dry Frequency Response: <-1dB @ 10 Hz and 100 kHz
  • Dry Distortion: 0.002% at 250 Hz, 1V RMS output
  • Dry Noise Floor: -100dBv at output, 400Hz to 20kHz with input unplugged
  • Wet Noise Floor: -90dBV at output, 400Hz to 20kHz
  • Input Impedance: 1 Meg (active); open (bypassed)
  • Output Impedance: 1K ohm
  • Power: Internal 9V battery or external 9V-18V regulated power supply.
  • Curent consomption : 11mA typical
  • Dimensions : Chassis size 2.61” x 4.90” x 1.45” (W x L x H)
  • Weight: 0.8lb. without battery warranty.

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