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About Tama Club-JAM

TAMA Club-JAM Suitcase kit features the ultimate portability, and is the perfect addition to the Club-JAM family. Club-Jam features poplar shells for full drum tone with the convenience of single case portability. The 15" deep/16" diameter bass drum can be divided into two pieces, allowing the tom tom and floor tom to be packed-up like a suitcase.

The tom bag and FT bag fit inside the bass drum shell, thus allowing the entire kit to be transported inside the bass drum bag. Specially designed bag set (DSS36LJ, sold separately) includes bass drum bag, tom bag and floor tom bag. A bass drum mounted cymbal arm clamp is included, which allows CACLJ Cymbal Arm (sold separately) to mount on the bass drum for convenient cymbal placement. A bass drum lift is also included to provide varied bass drum beater impact positioning.

The "Club-JAM" Kit adopts some ideas from vintage kits, such as a cymbal holder mounted directly on the bass drum shell and curved bass drum spurs, further setting it apart from the typical compact kit.

Focused yet deep sound from Poplar shell is just right for small and intimate gigs. Its compact size and configuration make it ideal for working drummers, and it fits comfortably on just about any stage.

Tama Club-JAM Features

  • 16 x 15" Bass Drum, 10 x 7" Tom Tom, 12 x 6" Floor Tom
  • Easy-to nest design (all drums fit into one bag)
  • Wood Bass Drum Wood in natural finish
  • Bracket for Cymbal Holder
  • Poplar shells
  • Bass drum lift included
  • Tom attachment included

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