Free Exposure

Free Exposure

Free Exposure

So, you’ve been studying guitar (or piano, or drums) for several years and have your sights set on making a career in music. It’s going to be easy, right? Just put the word out there that you are available and the gigs will come rolling in. Or, will they?

It’s a different world out there than it was a few decades ago and, fortunately for you, there’s a lot happening that’s working to your advantage. 

Social media will give you the platform to reach a lot of ears if you utilize it the right way. The problem is that everyone else is taking the same approach so you have to be creative to set yourself apart and get noticed.  

Let’s look at YouTube (and let’s hope that YouTube is looking at you). It would be cool to get a call from the band leader who live 2 streets over from you but imagine how much cooler it would be to get the call from ten band leaders located all across the country or even the entire continent. Sounds great but first you need to build an audience; how do you do that? Once you’ve set up your channel, you should immediately pull out your smart phone and shoot your first video about ANYTHING. If you’re a guitar player, do a product review on your favourite guitar pick. Talk about what you love about it. Give a demonstration of what it sounds like when you use it (and what YOU sound like when you use it). Mention the manufacturer’s name, repeatedly. And, be sure to list as many relevant tags as possible. While this first video might be a bit crude from a production stand point, who cares? Your next one will be a bit better, and the next one even better than that. And, soon enough, you start to learn about easy-to-use video editing programs and your content will start looking a lot more professional. While all this is happening, you’re gaining subscribers (let’s call them fans). And these fans, while tuning in to hear what you have to SAY in your product demos, will be hearing what you have to PLAY. And, before you know it you’ve just landed the gig as Journey’s new singer!  

It all sounds very exciting and perhaps a little far-fetched, but it’s not. The only catch is that you have to DO IT. And you can share your content across other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. When you think about how this can all be done right from your bedroom, it’s quite amazing. Remember that there are no limits to the type of content you can post: gear demos; song reviews; tutorials; advice & tips; the list goes on. But, all of it provides an opportunity to show off YOUR TALENT.  

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