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The ECO Pursuit Exotic S series from Breedlove features glorious tonewoods and rock-solid construction methods at a reasonable price point. This stunning acoustic-electric guitar, the ECO Pursuit Exotic S Concert CE, features a solid koa top with EcoTonewood koa back and sides for a deep, resonant sound that’s not only pleasing to the ear, but also flattering to all playing styles. From a playability standpoint, you’ll love the comfortable feel of the mahogany neck’s "C"-Slim profile and 16-inch radius ovangkol fingerboard. This guitar comes loaded with Fishman Presys I electronics that reproduce an accurate and stage-ready tone that sounds great through an acoustic amplifier. Additionally, the Pursuit Exotic S Concert CE’s tonewoods are all ethically and sustainably harvested, ensuring that your new instrument had no lasting impact on the planet.

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