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Teacher Zone - Book your Music Lessons



TGW is happy to announce the relaunch of our Music Lesson Program and the introduction of TEACHER ZONE - our new scheduling system.

Students can now manage their own schedules directly from the Teacher Zone site. 

How Do Music Lessons Work?

Lessons are 30 minute sessions, once a week at the same time, same day with the same instructor.

The fee is $160 charged monthly.

Canceling / Rescheduling is permitted with 24 Hours Notice.

Canceled lessons are “Banked” for future use.

Use the Sign Up template below to get started. It’s EASY. 

  • Choose a PLAN (There is only one - $160 Monthly)
  • Choose a Instrument (Guitar / Drums / etc …)
  • Choose a Teacher
  • Choose a Time (Day & Time from calendar)
  • Choose a Payment Method (There is only one)

Then Click On “SIGN UP TODAY” 


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