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The zebra Dimebag Humbucker Set from Seymour Duncan combines the SH-13 Dimebucker with the SH-1B Model 59 (bridge) pickup to recreate Dimebag Darrell's signature sound, offering massive metal tone dialed to the exact specifications. The SH-13 has an articulate pick attack, scooped mids, a thick crunch that sags when driven hard, and a full, tight, low-end response. The pickup saturates nicely, but not to the point where it is overly fuzzy. The smooth and crunchy distorted tone offers extra gain to the edge of breaking up. Dime preferred the warm, smooth power of a SH-1B 59 Bridge pickup in the neck position to balance with his signature bridge Dimebag pickup, giving extra teeth to his solos. The Model 59 delivers old-school tonal character, but with a brighter top end, scooped mids, and a compressed sound. The Dimebucker features a ceramic bar magnet, dual stainless-steel blades, a 4-conductor lead wire for multiple wiring options, and is vacuum wax potted for squeal-free performance. The '59 Model offers variety of traditional vintage treatments such as 42 AWG plain enamel mag wire, a long-legged nickel-silver bottom plate, and a 4-conductor lead wire. The Dimebag Set is carefully hand-built in Santa Barbara, CA.

  • Massive Metal Tone
  • Based on Exact Specs of
  • Dimebag Darrell
  • Tight Low-End Response
  • Thick Crunch that Sags when Driven Hard
  • SH-1B Vintage PAF Style Pickup
  • Articulate Treble Attack
  • Scooped Mids and Full Bottom End
  • 4-Conductor Lead Wire for Both Pickups
  • Hand-Built in the USA

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