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Many modern guitars feature low-action set-ups; where the strings are close to the fret board. Because of this, less spring tension is required to fully hold down all six strings when using a capo. The Kyser LowTension Quick-Change Capo has 25% less spring tension than regular Kyser Quick-Change Capos. This easily allows guitarists to obtain the perfect amount of tension when changing keys up and down the neck without worrying about strings being pulled sharp by too much pressure. The Kyser Low-Tension Quick-Change Capo is the same tried and true design that musicians all over the world depend on and now it's available in a Low-Tension "matte blackout" finish: matte black color, black spring, black rivet, black boot, dark gray Kyser logo. The Kyser Low-Tension Quick-Change Capo works on both acoustic and electric 6-string guitars. Made in Texas, USA. Guaranteed for life.

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