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The Pickup Booster is designed to boost your signal without altering the character of your sound, while allowing you to broaden your tone via the Resonance Switch


The Pickup Booster is for those times you need to be just a little louder, cut through the mix with more clarity, or have to play a song with a distinctive humbucker tone on a single-coil guitar.

A true-bypass pedal with class A, low-noise circuit design, Pickup Booster can be used to dial in the tone you need for every situation. It is exceptional at emphasizing a guitar’s natural tone while adding some muscle and fatness. The Gain control can be turned down to unity (0dB) with a discrete push-pull output stage for increased drive capability. So even with the Gain knob down at 0dB, your signal chain will sound cleaner -even with long cable runs- essentially acting as a buffer on your pedalboard.

Need a humbucker sound out of that vintage Strat? The Resonance Switch makes the pedal interact directly with your pickups, allowing your single-coils to emulate either a chunky humbucker sound perfect for classic rock or blues or a high-output tone for rip roaring solos. You can also use the Pickup Booster for a clean, buffered boost with more headroom and fatten up a humbucker for maximum saturation and sustain – all with the flick of a switch.

Like all of our pedals, Pickup Booster is designed and assembled at our Santa Barbara, California factory by the same team responsible for our legendary pickups.


Type of circuitry:

Fully discrete, Class A

Gain range:

0 to 25 dB


True bypass

Pickup Resonance Switch:

Makes a single coil pickup sound like a vintage humbucker (“1”) or

high output humbucker (“2”).

Frequency Response:

-3dB at 30Hz and 38 kHz


< 0.02% at 200mV RMS output


-120 dBV (referred to input with gain set at 25dB)

Input impedance:

250K Ohms (when effect is “on”)

Output impedance:

150 Ohms


9V battery or external 9 to 18V Regulated DC Adapter (center negative)

Current consumption:

4.5mA @ 9V (when LED is “on”), 3mA @ 9V (when LED is “off”).

Currents at 18V are 11mA and 8mA, respectively.


2.61” X 4.90” X 1.45”


0.8lb. without battery

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