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Between its vibrant sound, tap tempo control, and compact size, the T-Rex Replay Box is a contender for any guitarist's pedalboard. The all-analog dry signal path maintains your core tone, you have up to three seconds of delay time to play with, and you can quickly tempo-sync the effect with the tap tempo footswitch. True stereo operation is great for two-amp guitar rigs and also means the Replay Box is the perfect delay pedal for any synthesizer. The subdivision switch lets you select from quarter note, triplet, or dotted eighth note delays.
  • Stereo delay pedal with Volume, Mix, Repeat, and Tempo controls
  • Easily sync the delay effect to your music with Tap Tempo
  • Switch between quarter note, triplet, and dotted eighth note subdivisions
  • Up to 3 seconds of delay time
  • All-analog dry signal path maintains your core tone
  • Pristine and clear-sounding delay effects, perfect for guitars or synthesizers
  • Requires 9-volt power supply (sold separately)

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