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Get gutsy tube grit and swirling vintage reverbs from your amp with the T-Rex Fat Shuga. This 2-in-1 boost/reverb pedal breathes new life into any tube amp, adding depth, saturation, and texture to your chords and leads. The Fat Shuga's boost and reverb circuits function independently with separate gain and reverb levels, but they are tone-tailored to complement one another as they interact. If you're in the market for both a boost pedal and a reverb, guitarists recommend saving some space on your pedalboard and checking out the T-Rex Fat Shuga pedal. Danish tone pioneers T-Rex Engineering have been making quality effects pedals and guitar gear since the 1990s. T-Rex pedals are built using some of the best components in the industry, such as film/foil electrolytic capacitors, lifetime-use pots, and rugged footswitches, toggles, and connectors. T-Rex's better-known pedals include the Replica digital delay and Mudhoney distortion, which can be found on the pedalboards of top guitarists David Gilmour, John Mayer, Mark Tremonti, and Steve Morse.
  • 2-in-1 boost and reverb pedal
  • Adds guts and liveliness to your tone
  • The boost circuit drives tube amps for added saturation and sustain
  • Single front Cream knob can be controlled by foot or by hand
  • Hall/Room reverb toggle for shimmery tails or subtle ambience
  • Side-located reverb level stays out of the way
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • Runs on a 9-volt battery or power supply (not included)

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