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From 12-string guitar tones to organ sounds and synth effects, the T-Rex Quint Machine gives you much more than octave doubling effects. You have separate volume controls for Fifth Up, Octave Up, and Octave Down effects. Blend them with your dry signal, or remove your dry tone altogether for more extreme effects. And thanks to precise polyphonic tracking, the pitch effects won't glitch out even when you're playing your fastest. Guitarists know that sometimes an octave effect is just what you need to take a guitar part over the top, and we're impressed with the sonic range of the T-Rex Quint Machine pitch shifter pedal.
Pitch effects pedal with Octave Up, Octave Down, and Fifth Up
Separate volume controls for each pitch offer a wide range of effects
Combine with your dry signal, or leave your dry signal out
Ideal for 12-string guitar tones, organ sounds, and synth-style effects
Fast polyphonic tracking for tight pitch effects that won't glitch out
Powered by 9-volt power supply (sold separately)

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