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We have designed the Creamer reverb to be dead simple to operate, but With just enough room for tweaking, so you don´t feel limited in your search for the sonic equivalent of Grand Canyon or that small room we frequently visit every day. The Creamer never digitizes your beloved guitar signal. It simply mixes in the reverb sound With the analog dry signal, so your tone is not tampered With in any way. It features three different reverb algorithms, which can be further adjusted to your liking With the knobs – set them fairly low and you can get the classic, more subtle reverbs, but there are lots of spaciousness available once you start to dime the knobs! The Creamer Reverb is your no nonsense, easy-to-use, great sounding reverb pedal that should enhance your playing in such a way, that you never really turn it off.
  • 3 reverb types (spring, room, hall)
  • Tone control for adjusting the high frequencies of the reverb
  • Analog dry signal keeps the tone intact
  • High quality reverb algorithms
  • Small, ultra simple operation - and versatility

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