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  • Alico V Pickups

    Alnico V magnets are used for both single coil and humbucker to deliver a clear strumming tone with good projection plus a tight sound that doesn't get buried in the ensemble.

  • Coil Tap Function

    A coil tap function on the rear humbucker delivers a delivers a wide range of tonal possibilities, from hard distortion to an edgy single coil tone. A switch in the tone knob allows quick switching between humbucker and single coil tone. Setting the pickup selector to the 4th position automatically selects the coil tap function that delivers a clear halftone from the pair of singles.

  • Block Saddle Vintage Type Tremolo

    The block saddle type vintage tremolo offers excellent operation. The heavy block type saddle delivers rich sustain and deep tone.

  • Ring Mount Rear Pickup

    Like the top-end PACIFICA models, the rear pickup is mounted directly to the body. This configuration captures body resonance, delivering greater dynamic tone rather than pickguard mounting.

  • Controls

    1 : 5P Pickup Selector. 2 : Master Volume (Push-Pull Switch). 3 : Master Tone

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